A champagne Christmas breakfast with Sibella Court + Pottery Barn


Kicking off the festive season, I recently attended an intimate champagne breakfast at the ever so charming Chiswick Restaurant in Sydney’s Woollahra. The event was held to celebrate the soon-to-be-launched collaboration between Sibella Court and Pottery Barn Australia, and even before arriving, knowing the aesthetic of both of these brands, I knew I was in for a treat — and boy was I right.

The space where we would gather was beautifully styled by Jono Fleming, adorned with shiny, little intricate Christmas decorations, paired with rolls of twine here, and a vintage book there — all acting as little reminders of both Sibella’s and Pottery Barn’s eclectic presence.

Even details down to the calligraphy of the menus by The Blackline and the bespoke bon bons by Paper Couture, had all been considered. And of course, the flowers from The Flower Drum didn’t hurt either.

During the event, I was able to catch up with some familiar faces, as well as meet some new ones. We also got to hear from Lexi Kentmann from Pottery Barn and Sibella, herself, both of whom spoke about what the collaboration will have in store, giving little hints of being revolved around an idyllic Australian beach shack.

Before long, breakfast was served, champagne glasses were toasted, and when it was time to leave, goodie bags in forms of a single orchid flower and dark chocolate were gifted on the way out. I mean, even Santa couldn’t have planned this one better.

Stay tuned to hear more about this project as it unfolds.

Photography: Esteban La Tessa 

Pauline MorrisseyComment