An open letter to my 2014 New Year's resolutions

  T  hanks for the memories! Photo: Tumblr

Thanks for the memories! Photo: Tumblr

Dear 2014 New Year's Resolutions,

There you sit, neatly written on the very first page of my 2014 diary. I can still recall clearly the day in which you were manifested. I had opened my crisp notebook, armed with a good pen in hand and topped with a brand spanking New Year on the horizon. I was sure that you and I were going to be unstoppable.

Because lets face it – there's nothing like the fresh month of January to make me feel like I have the entire year to make it all happen. 365 days seems like more than enough time to work my way down my list and slowly but surely reap all the benefits of the smarter, richer, healthier and happier version of myself. And yet, with today being the very last day of the year, I admit that whilst there are many resolutions in which I conquered, there are also those that conquered me. 

I said I would take up yoga – I bought a mat and everything, but then it all looked far too complicated. It seemed much easier to dog out of this one all together rather than to learn the downward dog position. I said I would stress less, but instead I continued on being a total Worry Wart. Over things that have happened, is happening, or may happen - my damn brain just can't help itself. I said I would stop going to McDonalds, but then they introduced those $1 frozen cokes. Come on.... Surely you'll let this one slip, we both know how hot summers can get. I said I would stop being so hard on myself, but yet I continue to list things in which I didn’t see through. On that note, I might stop right there. Instead let me enlighten you on some of the things I did achieve, for the sake of seeing the glass half full.

I said I would learn to speak my native language, I then self-taught myself to do exactly this. Turns out I can pick up the phone and hold a loving conversation with my long distant family. I said I would aim high when it came to my career, I was then offered a job that I thought was way beyond my capabilities. Turns out I can do that job and do it well. I said I would drink less, so I enjoyed more nights in. Turns out I like my Saturday and Sunday mornings hangover free. I said I would cut out the deadwood within my relationships, so I walked away from toxic people in my life. Turns out fewer relationships can equal better friendships.

Perhaps that’s what this year (in fact every year) is all about; making goals, achieving some, failing miserably at others – but always moving forward. It's about working hard for something and giving myself a pat on the back after I've achieved it. It's about letting go, rebuilding, sharpening my tools and growing thicker skin. It's about living through the brightest days along with the darkest ones and learning how to feel alive through both.

So here's to you; my 2014 New Years Resolutions, thank you for reminding me about the things I wanted to gain, the things I wanted to loose and the things I wanted to learn. Now excuse me whilst I christen my new notebook, armed with a good pen in hand and topped with a brand spanking New Year on the horizon.

Originally published on Love & List