Arizona: Tucson, Tombstone + Bisbee

Our RV at a desert truckstop.

Our RV at a desert truckstop.

Here are some things that I have learnt about the American road so far — the right lane is the slow lane, you can get a 2-litre drink of cola for 89cents at gas stations, tumbleweeds roll across the roads in real life and not just in cartoons, you can never get tired of country music, and sometimes when you make the wrong turn, you end up stumbling across small towns you fall madly in-love with.

We came across a small town called Tombstone on the way to Bisbee. We stopped here because we got told that we would get to see cowboys have a gunfight show on the streets. The town is straight out a Spaghetti Western film and the locals all appear to be stuck in yester-year. Just the way I like it. We had lunch at a traditional saloon bar where a cowboy was singing country music as the crowd tipped him with whisky shots. 

 Every now and then we have come across small towns which we had only planned to stay in for just one nights rest before we took off again in the morning, but end up completely smitten with it and extending our stay. Bisbee was one of these towns.

It is a strange but beautiful little place. Our RV park was on a steep hill next to a mine pit, with the centre of the town only a walk away. Bisbee was once a rich and booming mining town in the early 19th century but by the 60's it had become a ghost town when the mining work shut down. We got told that what injected life back into this place was wandering hippies. When we walked around all we saw was the lovely mixture of cowboys and hippies. I really liked this story. After three days here. We took off again to leave Arizona behind and head for big, bad Texas