Audley: Valentine's day row boat picnic

  On our picnic row boat.

On our picnic row boat.

I have a confession to make; out of all my guilty pleasures in life, one that I myself can't make much sense of is my obsession with the American TV show The Bachelor. We're talking 15 seasons deep, emotionally invested, part of 'fan forums' type thing (take your judging eyes off me). And so for Valentine's Day this year, my thoughtful husband decided to stop denying this fact, but instead embraced it by surprising me with a weekend away  Bachelor style.

After work on Friday, Kieran picked me up with the car packed of camping gear and handed me my first date card, it read; 'I HAVE A FEELING THAT THIS DATE WILL BE IN-TENTS'. Fantasy suite anyone? In return I gifted him with some heart-shaped doughnuts, which in my opinion failed as a comparison to his efforts, although he reassured me that it made him just as happy as I was. 

The next day he drove me to an unknown location where I was handed my next date card which read; 'ARE YOU READY TO FALL IN LOVE? DON'T MISS THE BOAT.' And yes, you guessed it; we hired a row boat from the Audley Boatshed and had a picnic down the Hacking River in the Royal National Park. Too much? Never! And just incase you were wondering, yes I did get a rose. What a guy, what a Valentine!

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