Autumn aesthetics: In the bedroom with Bed Threads


Even though the Sydney sun is still peaking through the clouds from time to time, there’s no question that the cooler weather is fast approaching. What’s more, the crunchy leaves on the ground outside signal autumn is here, and I for one, am welcoming the seasonal change with arms wide open.

For me, autumn is an excuse to give my bedroom a little shake up. And as I brace to fulfil my homebody tendencies to the full extent, come winter, I first needed to nurture my bedroom into a purposeful sanctuary, so that it can in turn, nurture me.

Here are just some of the ways that I have sought to do this...  


“Never close your mind to a colour. Remember, too, that texture is an important element.”

1. It all starts with linen

Whilst I was on the hunt for some new linen for my bedroom, I came across the stunning collection by Bed Threads and saw their beautiful collection of pure 100% linen bedding. I knew then and there I couldn’t resist, and so I ordered myself a ‘Build Your Own Bundle’, where I could mix and match the colours of each item to my heart’s content.

After tossing and turning over colour choices, in the end, I went for an olive green duvet cover, a terracotta sheet, and a combination of rust and olive pillow cases. Instantly I knew this combination would give my bedroom that crisp, autumn sentiment.


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2. Flowers, always flowers

I try and visit the the Sydney Flower Markets every couple of weeks, though admittedly, at times, those Saturday morning sleep-ins can be a little too tempting, which often means I miss out. But as soon as my Bed Threads linen arrived, I knew I had to make a trip there for some fresh flowers — sleepy eyes and all.

Luckily for me, some beautiful soft-pink peonies were in bloom. And so I made sure to grab a couple of bunches of these, which I thought perfectly complemented the autumn tones of my linen look. Having fresh flowers around the house is so important to me, especially since I work from home full time. It’s almost like they keep me company throughout the week, and truly, what better company could I keep?


“I must have flowers, always, and always.”


3. Tone and texture

Coincidently, there was also a stall at the flower markets that were selling large branches of autumn leaves. From fading greens to golden browns, it seemed like each tone of the decaying leaves matched perfectly with my new linen bedding. This colourful addition not only added further tone and texture to the room, but they also seemingly represented the nostalgia of the warm summer months that have now passed.

Call me crazy, but it’s like it was meant to be.


“Ah, Autumn... my mind drifts to the decaying leaves, free to wander like the cool, crisp breeze.”

4. You may say I’m a dreamer

As it seems, the more trips around the sun that I make, the more I find myself leaning toward the introverted side of the social spectrum. As such, nowadays, my idea of a ‘good time’ often consists of hunkering down and either plotting my next adventure or planning some sort of monumental life goal. And what better place to temporarily clockoff from reality and disappear into a daydream than in the bedroom?

After all, the bedroom is a deeply personal space. It’s where I go to unwind, relax and recharge. That is until the world breaks my spell and I have to leave, and even then, it’s very likely I’ll be dreaming of being back here again…