California: Hollywood + Walk of Fame

Palms of Hollywood.

Palms of Hollywood.

Sometimes when you dream about something for long enough and that moment comes where you finally get to live it out — things become surreal and rarely does it live up to your expectations. For me, so far, everything here is all that I have ever dreamed of and more. 

Although Kieran and I both lacked of sleep from the long plane trip, we threw our bags in our room and walked down the street to discover a 50's diner that served us a late lunch date that consisted of milkshakes, burgers and fries. They played 50's music and the waitresses were wearing diner uniforms — just like the movies. Our hotel room looks real pretty once the sun goes down. From the balcony the string of lights hanging from the rooftop transforms into bright stars in the night sky. 

Kieran and I celebrated over drinks at a dive bar called The Roost. We hesitated to go in at first as the dark corner it lived in seemed a little less than appealing at first glance. However we soon discovered that the drinks were cheap, the jukebox played Johnny Cash & The Beach Boys and you were given free popcorn. In the end, we stayed there all night. Moral of the story — don't judge a pub by it's cover.

On our second (but first full day) in Los Angeles we bought more freedom by hiring a car to galavant around the city. We were given an adorable red convertible and drove all day with the roof down and wind in our hair. This place is surrounded by tall palm trees and odd people. Just the way I like it. We stumbled across a movie prop junk yard full of whimsical things. There were dinosaurs, neon signs, vintage trunks and old Hollywood signs. This day became one of those days that I know I will talk about over and over again. It became the day I saw two of my favourite Frida Kahlo paintings. Not in a book, not on my computer, but in person. *Sigh*