California: Santa Monica Pier + Rose Bowl Markets

In front of our RV.

In front of our RV.

There was an aqua bright pool that dwelled amongst our hotel in Hollywood. I spent a whole morning there laying on my back looking up at the bright blue sky thinking about all the wonders that are ahead for Kieran and I as I checked regularly what the time was on the other side of the world where all of my loved ones were currently sleeping. Things are so beautiful here you can’t help but wish that everyone you love was right there by your side.

This was the first morning since we arrived that I was granted with some down time. So I relished the sunshine and the cool water against my burning skin. Once the sun went down, I held Kieran’s hands during a late lunch in Melrose Avenue where two strapping lads who also said that Australia is their home spotted our foreign accents from two tables down. They had been in Los Angeles for a mere two weeks also after packing their belongings and taking a chance on their acting careers here in L.A. I admired their bravery to pursue their dream. But then again… I guess Kieran and I are doing the same thing.

On this night we visited Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip, a good friend from home had suggested to us. He longs to spend all day and night in this bar because nearly every iconic musician had visited and still visits there frequently, like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Lemmy and Neil Diamond. I later appreciated that the bar opened in 1973 with a party for Elton John and that Marilyn Monroe and Jo DiMaggio had their first date here. We drank all night long and caught the taxi home at 3am in the morning.

The streets of Santa Monica are pristine clean. Not one thing is out of line and each person who ambles around its charming lanes has permanent smiles on their faces including me. On the way to Santa Monica we stopped at a saddle ranch themed restaurant to have lunch. It had the traditional chairs hugging a circular bar, a genuine rodeo bull and dart and arcade games in each corner. By the time we reached the Santa Monica Pier the sun had started to hide and the air was cool. We went on some rides, stopped for a quick bite and admired the views. All tired and weary, Kieran and I both agreed to head back home and do nothing in our room for the night.    

Six hours of walking doesn’t sound ideal typically, but on this particular morning it was. The Rose Bowl flea markets was one of those perfect mornings. I was armed with coffee in one hand and holding Kieran's hand in the other as I wondered around from stall to stall lurking for vintage finds. The stalls are situated around a full sized football stadium and its surrounding car parks. With one wholly devoted to vintage clothing. After hours of walking/spending I hadn't realised how late it had gotten until my weary legs started to give way on me. And if it wasn't for this. I would have stayed there forever. These are the things I bought - high waisted poka-dot pants and velvet skirt, american eagle commemorative plate, vintage Doc Martin's and a washed out American flag. I could go on.

Our last morning in L.A was spent checking out of our hotel and packing all of our belongings into our beautiful camper-van we now call home. Kieran had bought me a lavender tulip plant to occupy us on the road. I remember this morning well — our eyes were full of excitement and wonder.