A voyage to Captains Cottage, Hobart


Gather around and let me tell you a story about a charming cottage, located in the heart of Hobart. Originally built as a place to rest for a ship’s captain in the mid-1800s, today, this heritage-listed, quaint structure, has been lovingly restored into a fairytale-like holiday home, aptly named, Captains Cottage.

Nestled within a hilly street, the home’s original brick facade still stands mighty strong today, providing a delightful first impression to all who voyage here.


Upon stepping foot inside, you will instantly feel as though you’ve just opened the first page of an old, much-cherished book. And just like all beloved books, the cottage unfolds a new spellbinding chapter at every turn.


First, there are the many original period features prominent throughout — like the sash windows peering out onto the street, the fireplace in the living room, now used to store wood blocks, as well as the stairs to the loft room, with a darling sign on the way down that says ‘Steep 1830’s stairwell, please take extra care’. 


Beautifully blending the old with the new, the cottage also welcomes many new charms and comforts — like the fresh lick of paint throughout, mostly all warm white, with the exception of pastel greens in the dining room, the 100% linen bedding, bringing all the more warmth to the bedroom, as well as a touch of contemporary furnishings, adding modern comforts in the mix. 


But perhaps it's the finer, more eclectic details that truly allow Captains Cottage to tell its captivating story.

Like the odd oil paintings hanging from certain walls, including that of a portrait of a handsome Captain, overlooking the bedroom, and the collection of vintage books displayed about, with titles like ‘Land And Sea Tales’ and ‘Letters Of Travels’. What’s more, there are also dried foliage and flowers of sorts in almost all of the rooms — evoking the thought that beauty seemingly does come with age.


Outside the house, a secluded courtyard garden awaits, surrounded by clusters of white and pink rose bushes, a flock of nearby fireplaces popping up from neighbouring homes, along with sneaky views of Hobart’s nearby city centre. In fact, it’s this same view that reminds you that you’re indeed in the heart of Hobart during your morning coffee, with all that there is to do and see in this city. Yet still, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay in and just be. After all, Captains Cottage will likely make you want to just drop anchor here — if only for a little bit longer.