Discovering the Chelsea Flower Markets

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a sucker for flowers. Back home in Sydney, most of my Saturday morning sleep-ins would be sacrificed for an early trip to the local flower markets. This is where I would come to buy a bunch or two so that I would have fresh flowers in our apartment for the week ahead. And since this was an old habit I wasn't prepared to break, I made a point to track down the go-to place for blooms in New York City.

My search lead me to the Chelsea Flower Markets, where the drab gray sidewalks of New York come to life with a burst of colour on 28th Street. The market opens from 5.30am every morning (except on Sundays) with individual shops closing up around 10.30am.

Just like the changing seasons, each visit to the flower markets offer up something new. One week it's hydrangeas, the next, it's peonies. Whatever it may be, if you're a flower lover like myself, I guarantee you it will be worth the trip.

Quick tip: Not all shops accept cards, so make a point to bring plenty of cash with you.

Enjoy! 🌸