Falling in love with Central Park

Before arriving in New York, we had decided early on that much of our time would be spent in parks; they're a great retreat from the at times anxiety inducing streets of the city, they're free, and of course, they're beautiful.

It took me a good three days to feel entirely like myself again after landing in New York. The lead-up to our leaving had exhausted me, not mention the 24-hour travelling route it took to get here. However, once I had managed to shake off the jet lag, I had my eyes set firm on a visit to Central Park.

The first time we spent time here, it was cherry blossom season, thus the park had transformed into a sea of pink. We parked under a tree for hours, contemplating the months ahead and I recall feeling like I was in an absolute dreamland.

To escape the heat for a little while, we called into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which sits right by Central Park. The Met presents over 5,000 years of art from around the world and houses works by Monet, Picasso and Vincent van Gogh to name a few.

Over time, we came to find ourselves back in Central Park again and again — for a quick lunch date here or an afternoon stroll there. Our latest trip was yesterday when we headed to The Loeb Boathouse to hire row boats for the evening. Here you can rent a boat for $15 and lazily spin around the lake.

At the beginning, it was a little like bumper cars, with a bunch of couples in boats, pretending to know how to row (including us). But once we found ourselves in open waters, the boats became few and far between, providing much welcomed quiet moments with a completely new viewpoint of New York at every turn.

With our days in New York coming to an end for spring, I already know that I'll be missing this place sorely. Although, one thing that brings me sweet relief is knowing I'll be back here once winter arrives, and to that I say, bring on the snow!