Groupee app: Official launch lunch

Catalina restaurant, Rose Bay.

Catalina restaurant, Rose Bay.

Recently, I enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the magnificent Catalina in Rose Bay for the launch of Groupee, an exciting new app helping groups of people split bills. Earlier this year, I had the absolute pleasure of writing about Jarred Baker, the founder of Groupee on ShortPress.

“I was working as a waiter at my friend’s restaurant where I realised that split bills was a real pain point for both the restaurant and the customers,” says Baker. “I knew from first-hand experience that making this process easier would benefit so many people, hence Groupee was born.” 

I later learned at the launch that the restaurant Jared was referring to in our interview was in fact, Catalina itself. And so there we were, celebrating the embarkment of his start-up, all in the place where it all began.

You can read more about Groupee here.

Photos: Supplied