Haymes + Etsy: The Colour Library launch

A great way to start the day. Photo:  Dominic Loneragan

A great way to start the day. Photo: Dominic Loneragan

The Haymes Colour Library, a new colour trends concept, was officially launched at a breakfast in The Old Clare Hotel this morning.

Australia's most successful independently owned paint company, Haymes Paint has partnered with Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, to launch the first volume from its new Colour Library - Curate - and to showcase the handcrafted designs of talented Australian makers.

Haymes Colour & Concept Manager, Wendy Rennie explained that the collaboration with Etsy on Curate, the first of seven Colour Library volumes, was a natural fit.

"Sharing a commitment to authenticity, creativity and local design provided a strong platform for this partnership to flourish."

"For 'Curate' we selected some handcrafted designs from the Etsy community to represent the contemporary colour palette, which encompasses electric blues, bright coral, rich tan and soft greys," Wendy said.

The work of eleven Etsy makers from around Australia was selected to bring the Curate palette to life, including Victorian ceramicists Lucile Sciallano from La petitie fabrique de Brunswick and Yvette De Lacy from Mountain Clay, along with linen designer and crafter Alistair Birrell from Mr Draper, and Queensland ceramicist Susan Simonini.

With a mocktail in hand, it was an absolute treat to meet some of the Haymes and Etsy creatives, who together are helping us introduce a new way to appreciate and welcome colour into our homes.