Hello May and hello twenty-seven

Our wedding feature inside Issue #5 of  Hello May .

Our wedding feature inside Issue #5 of Hello May.

Turning twenty-seven yesterday was not bittersweet at all, just plain old sweet (pun intended). On most mornings I go to war with my alarm clock; hitting the snooze button yearning for another five more minutes. But on this particular morning, I knew something rather special was about to take place, and so I was up before the sun met the sea. I awoke on my birthday to find a shiny personal package from my most-loved wedding magazine Hello May in the mailbox. Inside was a copy of their brand-spanking-new Issue #5, and a personal note with the words below;

Hey hey B'day girl!

Your lovely husband dropped us a line to let us know it was your birthday today, so we rounded up the prettiest envelope we could find and sent the new issue on its way! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! We hope you have another great one today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Soph x

I quickly flicked through the pages of the issue and found our wedding featured on pg.38. This is so very special to me for many reasons; A) I look forward to sharing this with my own kids one day, B) it's something my now (handsome) husband can cherish forever, and C) a cherry on-top is having my late father's name and memory in print amongst such a special occasion. I have an inkling that he would have been quite chuffed with this. As am I. Thank you universe, and thank you Hello May.