Houses need fresh starts too: 10 New Year's resolutions for the home

  Let your house bloom. Photo: Stocksy

Let your house bloom. Photo: Stocksy

Every year when January rolls around we vow to lose weight, save money or spend more 'down time'. But what goals do we set for our homes? In the spirit of new beginnings, Domain have come up with some resolutions with the help of some experts that will make your home a more beautiful, efficient, and cosy place in the coming year.

Here are our 10 picks for the best home improvement goals for the New Year and how to achieve them.

1. Liven up the living room

This is a good place to start; there's a reason why the living room is named so – it's where so much of everyday life happens after all. It's the place where we come to slow down, the room where we welcome family and friends.

You can bring new life to this space by introducing a few bright cushions or even laying down a new rug.

Small steps like these can make a big difference.

2. Create a healthy kitchen

It's no surprise that 'eating healthier' is the number one resolution for many people.

Melanie Lionello of Naturally Nutritious has some good tips:

"As the New Year rolls around, it's a good a time as any to clear out all of those leftovers from the festive season and kick start your health.

I like to start by looking through some healthy recipes in cookbooks and online to get some inspiration and to reinvigorate my motivation, then head out to the shops with loads of fresh ideas running through my mind.

When you get home, clear out your fridge and pantry, check the use-by dates on jars and toss out anything that has outstayed its welcome.

Having an organised and clean kitchen full of healthy, nutritious and delicious ingredients is the best way to kick start your diet and new year the right way."

Photo: Stocksy

3. Make your bed every morning

It may be a small task, but you should never underestimate the power of a made bed. 

It takes only a few minutes every morning but it can ignite a positive tone for the rest of the day - increasing productivity and reducing stress levels. 

4. Clean out your closet

It can be difficult to let go of clothes that once made our hearts flutter., We reached out to Roxy Jacenko, Ffounder and Ddirector of Sweaty Betty PR and The Ministry of Talent who had a suggestion.

 "I pull out everything I own and sort them into basics and statement pieces. I look at what I wear regularly and ensure I have a good selection of quality basics.

I throw out (to charity bin of course!) any pieces that are looking tired and replace them, this gives me a good foundation to build from. I then look at the statement pieces I'm still loving vs. versus those that I'm no longer in to.

Lastly I look for inspiration from the new season collections and choose key pieces that I can mix and match back with my current wardrobe. This ensures I always feel organised and ready to take on the New Year, with an evolving and well-edited wardrobe that I love."

Photo: Stocksy


5. Create a welcoming guest bedroom

First impressions count and the first thing a visitor will notice is where they are going to sleep for the night. 

The key is to make it look cosy and comfortable; this can be done by adding a mixture of different sized cushions to incorporate colours and textures, as well as a throw rug.

Don't be afraid to add a pop of colour to neutral bed linen, or mixing in some woollen knits and velvet to plain cotton.

6. Conquer clutter

Were you planning to clean up your act in the New Year? Previous Block contestants Josh Terrett &and  Charlotte Ekas weigh in. . .

 "Conquering the clutter is a must do! It can be overwhelming but the feeling of a clear, organised home is essential to start the year. Do one room at time. - Beware; often in the decluttering process even more mess arises, I assure you this is part of the process.

Assess what you have and throw out everything you do not use! If you're not the best at parting ways with your belongings, grab a pal that can help you cope with the purging process and make sure they are firm! Having a glass of wine and some great tunes is another way to help time fly whilst your you're decluttering."

Photo: Stocksy

7. Be more green

If you're planning on improving yourself, why not try to improve the planet too? This could be the time of the year to learn how to properly recycle, to make sure the tap is off when you brush your teeth, or even just remembering to turn off lights and appliances when you're not using them.

All of these positive changes save a little electricity, which not only helps the planet but also helps your wallet too. It's a win-win.

8. Better bedtimes for the little ones

Bedtimes can be a challenge – getting children to go to bed and stay there often involves bribery and a collection of storybooks (that have been memorised so you can't skip a page!). 

Founder and Ddesigner of Incy Interiors, Kristy Withers provides her top tip on how to get better bedtimes.

"It's important to talk about bed time as an activity that's enjoyable and something to look forward to, rather than the 'bad guy' that's often used as punishment.

Every evening, get children excited about the possibilities of fairy tales, fairies, pixies and pirates. In the wise words of Alice in Wonderland But, I nearly forgot. You must close your eyes otherwise you won't see anything."'

Photo: Stocksy

9. Set a bathroom cleaning rota

Cleaning the bathroom is the dread of basically everyone on the planet. But it's also one of the most important places to keep clean. 

So no matter what your living situation is, be that a large family, a cosy couple, or heavens forbid, a share house; a cleaning rota for the bathroom could possibly be the best thing you could do in the new year. Delegate each person with an individual cleaning job or even just take turns cleaning the whole thing.

10. Increase productivity to of your home desk

Those who have a dedicated work desk at home may likely have goals such as - be more creative and work more productively.

And so Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited has shared with us how she increases the style and productivity to of this space:

"Refreshing your tech always does the trick. I find a new phone or laptop makes me feel together, like I've got a clean slate to work from.

However if a new gadget is not possible, sometimes all you need is good lighting. Whether it's a desk lamp, floor lamp or the actual lights up on your ceiling, lighting can be enough on its own to change the mood. 

Another tip is: grouping things into trays helps to make clutter look really organised!"

Photo: Stocksy

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