How to incorporate marble into your interior design

  Magical marble. Photo:  Pinterest

Magical marble. Photo: Pinterest

When most people hear marble, they think about costly kitchen benches and bathroom tiles. But the lavish stone has been popping up in a big way on the home interior front in all its opulent glory. The key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses: in forms of tiny trimmings and statement pieces – rather than in bulk amounts, which can be heavy on the eyes.

Take a look at how this naturally beautiful and unmistakably elegant trend has been styled in homes below.

Check out our favourite marble magic finds below.

1. Home Republic marble bed cover set from Adairs  |  2. Klein marble coffee table from Coco and Creme  |  3. Marble geometric candle holder from Bloomingville  |  4. Home Republic marble geometric print arrow down from Adairs  |  5. Large white marble tray with copper lines from Click on Furniture  |  6. Marble clock from Country Road

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