Sleeping sound with IKEA Australia


I have been working from home full-time now for the past two years, which of course comes with many perks, such as flexibility in my hours, a home office styled specifically by me, for me, and perhaps best of all, my nonexistent commute. 

However, admittedly, over time, I have come to find that there are a few lines that have become blurred, as I begin to associate certain rooms in my home with work, which is why I place particular importance on my bedroom — a strictly no-work zone, sleep sanctuary. 

With a new season arriving at my doorstep, I wanted to give my bedroom a freshen up, and so I took a trip to my local IKEA store and made a few considered purchases — all with a better night's sleep in mind.⁠


Blissful bedding

As someone who often suffers from middle insomnia (waking up in the middle of the night) whenever my anxiety plays up, for me, bedding is much more than how beautiful it looks. For that reason, I like to invest in good quality bedding that acts like a big warm hug, putting me at ease, and providing a calming effect from the moment I curl up in bed each night.

Considering this, I chose IKEA’s NATTJASMIN fitted and flat sheets in white, along with two matching white pillow cases. I then mixed this with a couple of PUDERVIVA pillowcases in dark grey, as well as a couple of large AINA cushion covers in light pink to add some colour. To top it off, I added a GULVED bedspread in dark blue to the mix, for that extra warmth and texture.


Setting the scene

Much like the bed itself, I find that adding different layers to my bedroom, not only allows me to add my personal style into this space, but also present an opportunity to showcase some bits and bobs that truly bring me joy. In fact, most of all things that live in this room have been carefully considered, serving a peaceful purpose in one way or another.

For example, I love how IKEA’s GLADOM tray table in dark green brings a lovely earthy tone to the room, with an off-white RANARP lamp making way for some mood lighting. There are also some hidden RIBBA frames tucked behind — featuring photos taken from our travels, bringing back happy memories whenever I enter the room. And then of course there are the darling little GLADOM vases, displaying some cherry blossoms that I picked from down the road, reminding me that spring has definitely sprung here in Sydney.


Speaking of spring

To state the rather obvious — I am a sucker for flowers, always have been, always will be. I mean, even science is on my side with this one, with research proving that fresh flowers actually have the capacity to ease physical pain and feelings of anxiety. So while they are often thought of as the go-to gift that people choose to celebrate others' milestones, I say — why not gift them to yourself? After all, if they contribute in any way to help me get some sound sleep at night, then surely, the more flowers, the merrier.

Lastly, I wanted to share some other quick tips of mine, just in case you need that extra little push to doze off at night:

  • Spray some lavender spray onto your bedding (I purchase mine here)

  • Block blue light on your phone at night

  • Take magnesium supplements before bed

  • Listen to rain music on the Calm app

  • Listen to the IKEA Sleep Podcast

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