IKEA launches VIKTIGT collection

Just when I thought IKEA couldn't top itself, they go and drop the VIKTIGT collection. The new range took shape in collaboration with Ingegerd Råman, Sweden's most famous ceramic and glass designer, with the help of Vietnamese craftsmen. Now in her 70’s, she's still creating work as strong as ever, as proven by this display.

Råman explains, “It’s a project between the craftsmen and the designer. It has lots of energy. And looking at the objects now – the things we did – for me, it represents love.”

With the use of glassware, ceramic, bamboo and natural fibers – the collection includes everything from stylish seating to beautiful baskets, from rugs to pendant lights, and from chopping boards to various size servingware.

The collection is out now in Australia, however, it's only available as a limited edition. All the more reason to pencil in my next IKEA trip, pronto.

Photos: Supplied