Introducing pops of colour for spring with Sheridan


It feels like it's been a long winter, but going off the ever-increasing amount of sunshine that's filtering through our window, plus the fresh flowers that are starting to pop up in the backyard, this tells me one thing — spring is near.

As such, I'm looking forward to introducing more colours at home. Luckily, I've been working on some exciting campaigns lately, including one with Sheridan Australia, helping promote one of their key colours for the upcoming season, blood orange.

I was gifted with the 'Shoretide Cushion', pictured below, which I paired with our occasional cane chair and rubber fig plant. This is a colour I would have never thought to use, however, seeing it come together with these different texture combinations really works. 

It just goes to show that stepping outside your colour comfort zone can really pay off at times.



Pauline MorrisseyComment