Kemp's Creek Christmas Tree Farm: An anniversary tradition

 Kemp's Creek Christmas Tree Farm.

Kemp's Creek Christmas Tree Farm.

Sticking to tradition, Kieran and I once again celebrated our (third) wedding anniversary by picking our own Christmas tree. For the past couple of years, we have visited Willy's Christmas Tree Farm in Windsor, however, this year, we decided to change it up a bit and head to Kemp's Creek Christmas Tree Farm instead.

It was clear that the Australian summer was well on its way, with the weather being extremely hot on this day. We wandered about, sizing up each tree before picking 'the one'. Kieran got to cut it down himself and before we knew it, it was squeezed into our car and we were on the road again on our way.

With each year, this particular day fills me with so much happiness. Not only does it mark another year of our marriage, but it's also a very exciting way to officially welcome the festive season into our home. And to that I say, bring it on!

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