On the bedside: Calvin Klein's new fragrance inspired by women


Captured here is the new Calvin Klein fragrance, WOMEN, inspired by and made for, women. I took these photos for a recent campaign I’ve been working on with the brand, and it got me thinking about the two main women in my own life who have helped shape me into the person I am today.

First, there’s my Nanay (meaning ‘Mother’ in Tagalog); a caring woman who just the other week caught a 6am, three-hour train, on her day off no less, to help me clean the house I was moving from — regardless of me insisting her not to. And then there’s my Lola (‘Grandma’); who is no longer with us, but will forever be the embodiment of a big warm hug (physically and emotionally). Although both grew up with next to nothing, they still managed to pass down the type of gusto and gumption for life that I was able to inherit and benefit from daily.

And since this is something I would gladly be reminded of everyday, this new fragrance will now take pride of place on the bedside.



Pauline MorrisseyComment