Pinterest predicts top home trends for 2016

  Home trends to look out for this year, according to Pinterest. Photo:  Honestly WTF

Home trends to look out for this year, according to Pinterest. Photo: Honestly WTF

Let's all be honest – we probably spent a little too much time on Pinterest during the holidays. How else would our fantasy weddings be planned, our dream homes be decorated, right? So, what are us pinners pinning most?  According to the inspo giant's predictions, here's a list of trends that will likely dominate in 2016. 

1. Scandinavian styling

Scandinavian style has been a big trend over the last few years and according to our Pinning habits, it's showing no signs of slowing down. Scandinavian design is renowned for its stylish simplicity; think quality, enduring timber furniture complemented by muted tones. 

Photo: Smart Furniture

2. Natural and neutral 

Speaking of neutral tones, natural elements such as wood, flora and seagrass will be a big hit this year, as designers continue to bring the outdoors in and create an earthy, relaxed ambience. 

Photo: Kreative Diva

3. Geometric tiles

If the bathroom is on your renovating list this year, why not consider adding a stylish dimension to this room by opting for geometric tiles rather than the standard chequered look? Play around with coloured tiles to add more impact, but pair it with neutral accents to not over clutter.

Photo: Transito Inicial

4. Metallic wallpaper

Soft metallic details were a big trend in 2015, however this year it appears pinner are turning it up a notch. Introduce a luxe feature wall to your home with gilded metallic wallpaper for a rich and sophisticated wow factor.

Photo: The White Arrow

5. Graphic cushions and pillows

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a room is with soft furnishings. Toss some graphic pillows and cushions on the bed and sofa, and voila! you've instantly changed the look and feel of the place.

Photo: Arro Home

6. Rose quartz and serenity

Colour guru Pantone has chosen not one but two colours for us to muse over in 2016; rose quartz and serenity. If you are interested in introducing these "It" colours, do so with throw pillows, linens, wall colours, and even accent chairs. 

Photo: Honestly WTF

7. Artisan goods

Whether it's a a piece of art you picked up during your travels, or a basket you boughtpurchased from your local markets, items that mean something are back in. Showing off your artisanal goods makes your home feel so much more personalised. 

Photo: Vintage Piken

8. Woven wall decor

A major trend in both DIY and home decor is woven wall hangings. If you're looking to pretty up a wall but don't want to go the traditional framed-art route, this can offer a stylish alternative. Varying in size and texture, you can explore whatever fits your interior aesthetic.

Photo: Honestly WTF

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