Port Stephens: Returning home for summer

  Returning home.

Returning home.

I had forgotten how much of a paradise my hometown, Port Stephens in New South Wales, really is. Perhaps it's the open fresh air and slower pace of everyday life that intoxicate me, a welcomed change from the bustling few years that I've lived in Sydney. Or perhaps it's the reminder of how pleasant it is to have white sandy beaches with crystal clear water follow me around wherever I roam. 

It seems that if you go long enough between visits (for me it had almost been a year), a new sense of appreciation can overwhelm you. You can't help but feel like nothing has changed at all, whilst at the same time feeling like everything has changed. I'm sure that makes just as much sense to read, as it does to live out in reality. One thing is certain though; my heart is happy to be back here — and it's even happier because I'm here with the boy, who I grew up with in this same town all those years ago, who I now call my husband.

That's what hometowns are best for; so much of life can happen outside it, but it's always there to fill you with comfort every time you decide to return. Happy holidays everyone!

Pauline MorrisseyComment