Precinct 75: Piece of Brooklyn

Entering Precinct 75. Photo: Supplied

Entering Precinct 75. Photo: Supplied

Precinct 75, located in St Peters, Sydney, is a vibrant and creative precinct comprising of 12 warehouse buildings, home to over 70 businesses, each with their own identity uniquely adapted in the spaces they occupy. The ground itself holds a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900’s. It was once used as Taubman’s paint factory in its former life and while some of the businesses that are there today have been there for years, the official launch for the space was held last night.

Each warehouse features an oversized number on the exterior and the evening of celebration was centered around building number 2, home to the Trish Nicol Agency office, who were the creative team behind the event itself. Upon arrival, we were welcomed into their expansive top floor perch, with high beams and white-washed walls. And after much champagne and mingling, we were later given a map of the precinct which listed the various businesses that lovingly make up Precinct 75.

And so we made our way from one pitstop to the next. We tasted wine at the beautiful Urban Winery. We explored beautiful design and homewares at The Society Inc by Sibella Court, Design Twins, Uashmama and Atolyia to name a few. We stopped for tacos at a Mexican food truck. We tasted cupcakes at Buttercream Bakery. And we even tried our hand at axe throwing at Maniax.

Precinct 75 is the destination for growing, creative and switched on businesses, so if you're looking for something unique and inspiring, pencil this space down on your 'to visit' list.

For a full list of the vendors, visit here.

Photos: Supplied