Queensland: Christmas holidays road trip

  Opening presents in our hotel room.

Opening presents in our hotel room.

Call me childish, but one of my biggest dreams was to wake up in a nice hotel room on Christmas morning and open presents in a robe - Home Alone 2 style. That dream came true this Christmas.

We filled our car full of enough belongings to last us two whole weeks away from home. First on the agenda was Shagri-la, Sydney. We booked a double room, it was no Park Plaza Hotel, but the room service with harbour views did just fine. The next morning we took off to sunny Queensland. A 10-hour roadtrip later and we made it to Kieran's Grandma's home; a beautiful property in Nerang with lush forests and small creeks. Here we stayed for the remaining of our holidays, it was exactly how I wanted to end the year, basking in the sun and enjoying some much warranted down time.

All at once the craving for home crept in, and so we headed back on the road again.

Pauline MorrisseyComment