Shop the trend: Mother Nature

  Bring the outdoors in. Photo:  Pinterest

Bring the outdoors in. Photo: Pinterest

We don't know about you, but we're getting a little fed up with giant coats and chilly mornings. The only thing keeping us together is the idea that spring is just around the corner. So as we look forward to the temperature rising, why not get your home ready to shed its winter skin by introducing some beauty that nature has to offer.

Take cues from Mother Nature and bring the outdoor in with these natural accents. 

1. Pouf autumn leaves from Sourced 4 You  |  2. Flighty feathers table lamp from Houzz  |  3. Rustic tree bark coaster set of 4 from Misi  |  4. Teak leaf bowl from Time Pieces Australia  |  5. Wooden chopping board from H&M  |  6. Decorative coral resin figurine from Target

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