Sonoma Cafe: Rose Bay brunch

  Don't mind if I do! Photo:  Sonoma

Don't mind if I do! Photo: Sonoma

Before my visit to the newly opened Sonoma café in Rosebay, I had already come to appreciate the heartfelt and humble back-story of the Sonoma chain – it is that of a father-inspired passion that after much dedication and hard work, led to a small empire of seven sophisticated bakeries spread out throughout Sydney. And so my partner and I ventured to the new café, ready to indulge in a total and utter carbfest (#sorrynotsorry).

Two things came as a great surprise; Firstly, the refined interior consisted of a high ceiling, with luxurious Middle-Eastern styled tiles, and an open dining space which instantly set it apart from your normal café setting. Secondly, the menu was pleasantly broader than expected – loaves of bread decorate the windows, awaiting their fate, either sold intact, or sliced up and served with avocado, Persian feta, salmon, cured meats or jam. Sandwiches, press grills and Paninis also join perfectly with baked cakes, flaky pastries, quiches, tarts, homemade muesli and seasonally changing specials. Truly, the list goes on, but I will stop there... (lunch time is still another 2-hours away from now and writing that was absolute torture!)

In the end, we walked out praising the brunch gods, for it led us to this place where the coffee is tip-top, the service is spot on, and our mutual love for bread can run wild.

Address: Shop 1, 779 New South Head Road, Rose Bay

Photos: Supplied