Sydney Ovolo Woolloomooloo: Event space launch

Stairway to heaven. Photo: Supplied

Stairway to heaven. Photo: Supplied

Talk about a hump day treat! Last night, the Sydney Ovolo Woolloomooloo officially unveiled its brand new event space. Determined to unlock the true potential of the 100-year-old wharf, the lobby and reception area of the previous hotel has now been transformed into a high-end, modular event space. And what better way to show Sydney what this $20 million renovation could offer, than to kick things off with a kick-ass event of their own.

As we entered up the glistening stairs, we were lead through the various event spaces that can all be customised to suit your wildest event desires. The Piper Room is the main event space, taking into account the full height of the warehouse, including exposed wooden beams and the original timber flooring which have been restored. This then leads to The Burbs, which are several other event spaces, all named after well known Sydney suburbs. 

The Paddo room was set up as a private cinema, playing Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Further showcasing their diverse offerings, The Cross room acted as a mini casino with a roulette wheel, where people were able to win a night's stay in the hotel. 

Throughout the course of the evening, bottomless wine and cocktails, as well as delicious canapé samples were served up. We were also treated to a tour of the other event spaces on offer, including several boutique function rooms and the INXS room, the top-floor loft penthouse (with its own bar!), named and themed in honour of the Australian band.

And to top it all off, we were promised a special surprise, which was delivered by some real-life Oompa Loompas, who lead the crowd to a hidden area where there was an abundance of chocolates and sweets up for grabs. 

Adam Taloni, Ovolo Woolloomooloo's General Manager says: “We feel that every client should have a truly unique experience, so we’ve thrown the cookie-cutter approach out the door. No idea is too big for our team!”

After attending last night's success, I can easily say that the wait for one of Sydney's most anticipated event spaces, was well worth it.

Photos: Supplied