Texas: Alpine

Horses on the prairie.

Horses on the prairie.

After hours of daydreaming in the car, my eyes felt sleepy, but as we drove closer and closer to Alpine I spotted half a dozen beautiful horses grazing on the prairie. Suddenly my eyes lit up and my breath was taken away from me. We parked the van and walked closer to them. They became aware of us approaching and trotted over closer to meet us. The timing was faultless. The sun had started to go down, the mountains were dwelling in the distance and we really needed something to awaken us after such a long drive. 

Nothing can top this moment for me.

Once we got to the heart of Alpine, I didn't want to leave. The RV parks were too far from everything in town so we had to stay in a cheap motel while we were there. This allowed us freedom to explore the main streets by foot. 

Alpine is full of cowboys with heavy Western accents and cheap booze. Every shop we walked into, the owner came to greet us with stories to tell of their love for their this small and endearing town. We would roam around all day, thrift shopping and eating at diners. Everywhere we went people would wave to us and say 'Howdy folks!' and we would feel so welcomed. 

On our last night here we made a place called The Crystal Bar our home. It had a jukebox, free pool, cheap drinks and cowboys waltzing with their wives. It felt like the three days here just wasn't enough.