Texas: Dallas + Fort Worth Pt.2

Having an Easter egg hunt around our RV.

Having an Easter egg hunt around our RV.

By now it had hit me that our time in the wild wild west was coming to an end. And boy have I enjoyed it! The heavy Western accents, the rodeos, the cowboys, the cheap booze, the country music and our mutual admiration for Johnny Cash.

Before we left we found time to visit Fort Worth. This place was heavily all of these wonderful things. A mere 20minutes drive from Dallas and time very well spent. Here Kieran and I shared drinks on the side streets with a cowboy named Buck and watched Texas longhorns walk along the streets just as humans do. It's not often you get to say I would not rather be anywhere else in the whole entire world than where I am right now. But I must say, I have been feeling this way an awful lot lately. 

My mother called me often during my last few days in Dallas. After the tornado saga, she would ask us to pack and leave Dallas behind us even after I told her that it only lasted for one day and everyday after that was full of sunshine. She worries a lot. Like any loving mother does. 

Our last day in Dallas arrived and my mothers wish was granted. It was Easter morning and Kieran and I had organised to get up early and do an Easter egg hunt in and around our van. Kieran hid chocolate eggs on the outside of our van and I hid them inside. I made him search in cabinets, under pillows and next to our pot plants whilst he had me looking in the exhaust pipes, on trees and on top of the roof. By the end of it all my basket was full of delightful things. 

We later walked to a Sunday market nearby, where we wandered around talking about how much we will miss Texas. I remember Kieran looking at me and saying 'So I guess we can now say that we have survived a tornado!' I looked at him and said 'I guess we can!' Not long after, we took off and started a brand new journey along Route 66