The Kangaloon Barn, Southern Highlands NSW


When you are given the opportunity to stay at such a breathtaking place like The Kangaloon Barn, it is very likely that you will find yourself playing the ‘if only’ game in your head. If only I could have found this place earlier. If only my own home could be this pretty. But mostly, you quietly say to yourself — if only I could stay, forever.

Last weekend, these were the type of thoughts that were crossing my mind, over and over again, during a stay at this picturesque property.

Located within the Southern Highlands, we drove from Sydney early on a Friday morning, passing through beautiful Bowral and swerving our way through to its equally idyllic neighbouring town, Kangaloon.

Arriving here was as if we’d just happened upon the quaint English countryside. It was autumn, and the winding roads were scattered with golden fallen leaves, with the scenery seemingly only getting better with passing time.

Before long, we arrived, rolling through a wooden gate, passing the main house to the left, and circling around the tall established hedge. And there it was — an ivy-covered barn that looked as though it had been plucked straight from a fairytale.

Like a curious child, filled with a sense of wonder, I walked around the barn, breathing in that chilled, country air, and admiring how both the barn and the foliage have come to coexist, as if knowingly, they are more charming in each other’s company.

Without even stepping a foot inside, already I felt warmly welcomed.


Just as expected, the inside of The Kangaloon Barn was just as enchanting, sporting a white, bright, and eclectic space.

Right away, the fireplace situated in front of the large linen sofa stole my heart, and we didn’t waste any time in getting a fire started.

The barn was lovingly curated, from the side-by-side, oversized full-length mirrors to the intricate lanterns, glass display boxes, and vintage-framed artworks.


Upstairs, the loft space could sleep up to six people, with a queen bed in one room and two single trundle beds in the other.

From above, the sheer height of the ceiling was all the more telling, allowing one to really take in the sun-drenched view of downstairs.

With no music, nor TV playing in the background — we let the crackling sound of the fireplace fill the barn during our entire stay.


Although the happenings of nearby Bowral were only a short drive away, we found there was really no need to spend much time away from the barn at all. Instead, we stocked up on some local meals, pastries and wine, and served them out in the garden at the farm table, under some low-hanging trees.

On our second day, we were joined by an old friend of ours, along with his two little girls, who were eager to say hello to some of the permanent residents who lived on the property — two darling horses who were wandering nearby the barn.

Come nightfall, we all gathered around the outdoor fire pit, keeping warm and roasting marshmallows over the fire.


Aside from the barn itself, there was so much more to explore around the property, including a little potting shed, chicken coop, and veggie garden, hidden behind a tall, bushy hedge.

Inside the potting shed, there were all sorts of items and tools, ideal for gardening. There were even some baskets, both adult and a kiddie versions, used to collect eggs in.

The chicken coop housed a group of adorable hens and a rooster, cheerfully minding their own business, while the veggie garden housed everything from herbs to spinach, all fenced in by some fruitful lemon trees.


When it was time to leave, I felt all the more rejuvenated and centred.

And as we drove out of those wooden gates, I found myself once again thinking: If only I could have found this place earlier. If only my own home could be this pretty. But mostly — if only I could have stayed, forever…