The perfect Hamptons getaway

The very name of the Hamptons evokes the thought of luxury beachfront mansions, high-end boutique shopping and exclusive elite parties. Naturally, when the forecast for New York City predicted record high May temperatures for the coming days, we planned a retreat to the cooler climes of Long Island.

We hired a car and began the 3-hour drive from the city. The further we drove from Manhattan, the more the scenery shifted; varying colours of greens and blues began to appear as the highway quickly melted away into a quiet coastal road. 

Our first stop was Wölffer Estate Vineyard, a family owned boutique winery located in Bridgehampton that's both charming and elegant. We had heard through the grapevine (pun intended) that this was a must stop during a Hamptons visit and we were not the least disappointed. Here we spent several hours soaking up the sun on their outdoor patio, overlooking 55-acres of vineyards and tasting their selection of wines and delicious charcuterie board. 

Afterwards we drove towards Sag Harbor, where our hotel the Baron's Cove was located. This now newly renovated waterfront resort was once a 1960’s hotel which saw many prominent guests check-in with the likes of Paul Newman, Jackson Pollock and Truman Capote to name a few. As the day started to run away, we lazed about by the pool and sat on rocking chairs along the porch with a glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set for the day.

Come morning, we started early, eager to explore the streets of both Southhampton and Easthampton. On the way, we saw peaks of grand homesteads hiding behind lush hedges which lined the streets. As if these homes weren't alluring enough, the added mystery made it all the more splendid. We stopped by for coffee and strolled along the shopping villages with their pristine white shopfronts enticing passers-by in.

Indeed, this side of the Hamptons exists; but it also has a more informal personality. As we headed towards the eastern tip, we arrived at Montauk, where the estate mansions slowly transformed into beachside cottages and no-frills seafood joints like the iconic Lobster Roll became the go-to pitstop. 

From Southampton's shining streets in the west to Montauk's laid-back beaches out east, our short and sweet summer romance with the Hamptons was a perfect combination of class and casual. And although it was nice to return to New York City after our visit, if I was given the opportunity to live behind one of those mysterious hedges permanently, I'm sure I could adjust just fine.