UK: Cornish teepee camping

The lake at the  campsite in Cornwall.

The lake at the  campsite in Cornwall.

Only a mere 5-hour drive from London lives a magical place smack-bang in the middle of what seems like nowhere called Cornish Teepee Holiday. I read about this place from a crisp page of a glossy magazine and it was then and there that I fell love at first sight.

Summer had come and gone and the air was becoming more and more stony by the minute. For most people, camping was not nor would it ever be an option this time of the year. But like any passionate love affairs, the warning signs didn’t daunt me. And so I ventured there with seven other brave ones by my side.

We woke up well before the sun did and left London early enough to get to our destination before lunchtime. The car was full of sparklers, firewood, sleeping bags, fireworks and keen campers. Driving through the British countryside has become my favourite pastime. The open road allows me feel wild and free. It’s my way of ridding more concrete and breathing in more earth. On the way we picked up a dear friend of mine, one of whom I haven’t seen nor hugged for far too long. Seeing him was like seeing a piece of home. And just when I thought I had already grasped all the happiness in the world, we arrived in paradise.

Although the chill of the pending winter was apparent, the wondrous thing about visiting this place this time of the year was that we had the whole meadow to ourselves. We slept in Native American traditional teepees, we built a fire to keep warm our fingertips and we drank and talked all night long. Where I spent most of my time was by the sparkling lakeside. Nobody was there but us. During the day we rowed the paddleboats on the still water and by night we let off fireworks and sky lanterns from the jetty.

Like all magical love affairs, there is the inevitable goodbye. All I can do now is long for the summertime when my love can once again be rekindled with Cornish Teepee Holidays.  

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