UK: Lavender fields

Lovebirds in lavender fields.

Lovebirds in lavender fields.

People often dumb down the possibilities of life and say that you are either one or the other. Working hard or travelling the world. In-love in a relationship or single and free. But it's clear to me now more than ever, that if you play your cards right, you can have the best of both worlds.

Kieran and I have been working ourselves to the bone, so we decided to both take a day off together mid week and catch the bus to adventure somewhere for the day. The day we chose magically panned out to be a bright sunny day. We escaped to a small town out of London, a farm filled with lavender fields

Getting off the bus, you could already sense that the farm was only a short walk away as the sweet and strong smell greeted me with wonder. I had packed a picnic basket for lunch and we spent the day eating, talking and playing around under the sun. There you could pick your own bunch on lavender. I made sure mine was a good bunch. Even weeks after our visit, my room still smelt like beautiful lavender. A sweet scent that now reminds me of the excitement I felt that day.

It made me feel lucky. I can escape somewhere magical to fulfil my wanderlust but also look forward to a week filled with hard work. I can be madly in-love, yet still be young and free. That by finding the perfect balance between working hard and loving hard. I can have my cake and eat it too.

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