UK: The Lake District, gypsy caravan

On a gypsy wagon in the Lakes District.

On a gypsy wagon in the Lakes District.

We had planned to go on one last adventure before we headed home. The last two years has been an absolute dream. A dream that will be sorely missed once we’re back on our home grounds. Who knew all this would unfold; from spending three months living on the road throughout America, to the life we had built here in the UK. It was important to me to end our travels on a high, and I’m so happy to say we did just that – and then some.

We hired a car from Gatwick airport and took off headed for The Lakes District. The drive was long, but every minutes travelled was worth it. Once we reached our destination Cumbria, the most magical sight was there waiting for us; a horse drawn gypsy caravan. I was consumed with excitement. This was all ours for three days and two nights. Ours.

And so the journey to our camping spot began, where the owner Barney guided the two beautiful horses along some cobbled winding roads. Kieran and I sat at the front of the wagon in amazement, never wanting the route to end. Ultimately, the voyage came to a stop. At last, we were left alone, stationed with our enchanting temporary home. We explored the gypsy wagon for all its wonder; the patterns of its exterior and the creature comfort of its interior. Inside there was a cosy bed, a little cast iron stove, a snug kitchenette, and many other lovely intricate details. We also explored the surrounds; we followed streams of water into the forest, we collected firewood and skipped stones down by the river.

Come our last nightfall, we sat by the campfire and talked about our inevitable move back home and how all of this will soon just be a memory. We considered ourselves the two happiest people alive and at that moment in time, we truly believed that we were.