Visiting Oregon's Crater Lake

During our first full day in Oregon, we were gifted with a particularly gorgeous summer's day. It was the kind of day when the stars align; not too warm, not too cool, presenting a perfect driving-with-the-windows-down kind of day.

A long drive inland had us arrive at Crater Lake; a deep lake formed from the volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama. As we snaked our way to the top of the crater rim, the view was utterly striking. Quickly we parked our motorhome atop the viewing platform and jumped out to take a closer look.

There were still white snow-drifts dotted along the rim after a heavy winter's snowfall, with sheer cliffs dropping away over 700ft leading to calm, cobalt blue waters. Surprisingly, we found ourselves alone at the viewpoint, that was until we made our way up a short trail to get a new perspective and found two hikers napping on hammocks strung between trees.

Needing a nap ourselves after a whole day worth of driving, we reluctantly hopped back in our motorhome to make our way to the next rest stop for the night. 

As we drove away, this much was clear — seeing places like this leaves an imprint that is worth the many hours of driving to get there.

Oregon was off to a mighty fine start.