Vivid Sydney 2015: Let there be light!

  The light displays of Vivid Sydney 2015.

The light displays of Vivid Sydney 2015.

For the past three months or so I have been working for Destination NSW as part of their Vivid 2015 team. I took on this contract role with the keen interest in contributing to one of Sydney's most exciting annual events. I knew somewhat the type of ride I was in for; busy and magical. Turns out it was both those things — ten fold. 

My role as the Digital Producer meant that I managed all of the content for the website; this included working alongside the artists for the Light installations, the venues for the Music acts, and the event managers and speakers for the Ideas events. Perhaps my sanity would have not stayed intact had I not been in the company of an absolute dream team. You know, the type of passionate, hard-working, creative people that makes coming into work every morning an absolute treat.

When all work was said and done, the lights were turned on each night for two weeks which put a sparkly spell all throughout Sydney. As I myself wondered around the event, I couldn't help but feel mighty proud to have played a small part in such a big occasion.

Photos: Supplied