WedShed: 2016 Christmas Party

WedShed's Christmas party 2016.

WedShed's Christmas party 2016.

It's official, the silly season begins now — and what better way to welcome the festive season in, than attending WedShed's 2016 Christmas party.

I had previously written an article for ShortPress on Amy Parfett and Melany McBride, the co-founders of WedShed. During this collaboration, I have come to truly appreciate their exciting website which matches couples with unique wedding venues throughout Australia. 

To celebrate what has been a big year for them, a Christmas party was held at one of their registered venues, the Bangarra Room on Sydney’s Harbour.

The space was beautifully styled both inside and out, the drinks and conversations were aplenty, and there was also the most ridiculously good-looking spread of food which was quite literally jaw-drop worthy. Needless to say, it was a very merry night indeed. 

Trust the people who help others throw parties to throw the parties of all parties.

Photos: Supplied