Winter is coming: The pros and cons of the cooler months

  Bring on the fluffy doona! Photo: Stocksy

Bring on the fluffy doona! Photo: Stocksy

Lately I have been sleeping restlessly every night with nothing but a modest bed-sheer, ever so tempted to pick a fight with my partner and kick him out of bed, just so I could avoid skin-on-skin contact. Needless to say, I don’t sleep well in the heat. Last night however, I found myself gleefully tucking-in underneath my fluffy blanket as I sought the warming comfort of my role as the small spoon. It was clear, winter is coming…

Although the cold for me brings about superior sleeping patterns, like anything - there are pros and cons to the cooler months. And they go something like this.

Pro vs. Con #1

PRO: The thought of bed during any mundane day is tempting enough, let alone the thought of bed when it's freezing outside. Sleeping suddenly upgrades from being this thing you try and get at least 8 hours of every night, to a full-blown nightly snuggle party. 

CON: Get ready to use and abuse that snooze button like never before. That's great that you enjoyed your snuggle party last night, but good-luck getting out of bed this morning, and good-luck getting to work on time.

Pro vs. Con #2

PRO: The good news is - you get to turn your clock back and treat yourself to what feels like an extra hour sleep.

CON: The bad news is - whatever plans you had after work or study you need to go ahead and cancel it. It's far too dark by 5pm, so just go on home, there's nothing out there for you. 

Pro vs. Con #3

PRO: An array of activities become that little bit more enjoyable during winter. Sipping on your daily coffee becomes more of a delight, inviting friends over for a dinner party feels much more cozy, and the world can suddenly feel like a better place just by slipping on some fluffy socks before bed. 

CON: Winter makes the easiest tasks seem that much harder - like you know, walking outside.

Pro vs. Con #4

PRO: Winter fashion tends to look more plush - hello trendy layers, cool jackets and killer boots.

CON: Goodbye summer fashion price-tag. 

Pro vs. Con #5

PRO: Summer feels like a lifetime away, this means more time you have to work on that beach body.

CON: But then you think to yourself - how could I possibly workout? It's too cold in the morning, it's too dark at night. I think I'm catching the flu from these freezing, inhumane temperatures. I can't find matching socks... Now onto a more important topic - what's for dinner?

Pro vs. Con #6

PRO: If you're more of a stay-in person, rather than a go-out type - there's less guilt and fear of missing out involved during winter. The reasons to stay home and hibernate are aplenty. 

CON: You stay home so much you begin to forget what your friends or other humans in general look like.

Pro vs. Con #7

PRO: If you're in a relationship - let the cute and cozy couple dates begin!

CON: If you're single - let the hate for the cute and cozy couples begin! 

Any more to add to this list? What are your loves and loathes about winter?

Originally published on Love & List.