Yellow brick road

  Welcomed change.

Welcomed change.

Just the other day, I found myself in a dawdling cue waiting to get my name changed. It has almost been four months since I got married, and it appears that a lot has changed since then other than my surname. These changes have come in all forms of disguise, the type that hurts and the type that feels good, all of which I have found to be inevitable, and furthermore for the better.

Change will always come in different proportions - big and small; like switching postcodes, deciding on a new career path, gracefully letting go of people who are not meant for us, learning to fall in-love with new beings, mastering the art of more down time, taking a new path on your way home, or accepting our scars and shortfalls, but loving ourselves anyways. 

With these things in mind, I have learnt that the core tools I require to master the acceptance of change, whether it's something I deliberately planned, or something that surprised me are four very simple things - a healthy brain, a strong heart, plenty of courage and a place I can call home. 

So here’s to clicking our heels together three times, and learning to think smarter, love harder, become a little braver, and whilst we're at it, renovate (metaphorically or literally) the patch of grass that we live in, to be the greener side.

Pauline MorrisseyComment