You had me at $1 hotdogs: Confessions of an IKEA-holic

  IKEA, heaven on earth. Photo:  Pinterest

IKEA, heaven on earth. Photo: Pinterest

My name is Pauline … and I am an IKEAholic.

I grew up in a small coastal town where the only furniture shop readily available was the local second-hand store full of dusty velvet lounges, all sporting a "passed-down-from-Grandma" look. Due to my natural progression into adulthood, I moved to the city and there it all began.

I had heard about this mythical place called "Ikea" before, where well designed, yet affordable home furnishings lived in flat-packs, and cheap hotdogs and meatballs were rumoured. What was a girl to do with an empty one-bedroom rental, and a bank balance that screamed "budget!". I was sold.

It started out innocently enough, a picture frame here, a storage box there. But then the downward spiral into the Ikea rabbit hole came swift and harsh, and before I knew it the addiction signs started to surface.

If the following symptoms sounds familiar to you – then perhaps you're an Ikea-holic too.

1. You own an Ikea Family card.

2. People could mistake you for a contestant of The Amazing Race when you're making your way through Ikea aisles.

3. You ignore the arrows on the floor because you know all the shortcuts and never, ever get lost.

4. Your Pinterest account could be mistaken for an Ikea online catalogue.

5. You have a Ribba frame wall collage at home.

6. You signed up to spend the night in Ikea through Airbnb.

7. Your idea of a 'Sunday Funday' is a trip to the big blue box.

8. You've had a serious argument with your partner in the lights section over what lamp shade to get.

9. Your favourite romantic movie scene is from 500 days of Summer when they go on a date to Ikea.

10. You own more than one Ikea blue bag and you use them for multiple purposes because they're just so handy.

11. You've tried out all the Ikea hacks with varying degrees of success.

12. You've cancelled on weekend plans to assemble your flat-packs.

13. You get stressed out when trying to assemble your flat-packs, but you constantly remind yourself that all relationships are hard, and it's all worth it in the end.

14. You feel heartbroken for people who have never been to Ikea.

15. Your house resembles an Ikea showroom floor.

16. When you get an email from Ikea (because you're a subscriber – duh!), you make your way to the nearest store faster than you can say "POÄNG chair!"

17. You're not just a user, you're also a pusher to your partner, parents and friends.

18. You have more than one of the same Ikea catalogues at home.

19. You know there's nothing ever there, but you stop by the "cheap corner" before checkout every time.


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