Wedding photos feature in Hello May Magazine

Originally published on  Hello May

Originally published on Hello May

Issue five was a good time. Jam packed with wedding inspiration, DIY projects and of course Pauline and Kieran – a lovely couple who by the time their day finally rolled around had chosen Alma Photography to capture all the action.

Good things come to those who wait and after 13 years, Kieran finally got what he’d always wanted – Pauline, the woman he’d loved all along. “I had another boyfriend all through high school, which kept Kieran in the friend zone for years”, says Pauline.

Fortunately, a year after graduation, Pauline finally recognised her wrongful ways. Perhaps she just didn’t like his bowl cut back then? Either way Kieran’s patience paid off – fast forward seven years and these two have never looked back.  

“Kieran and I started taking turns in asking each other out every morning. It started off as something silly but then it turned into second nature. One bright morning instead of asking me out, Kieran woke me up, ring in hand and asked me to marry him!”, says Pauline who found her lace Lover gown shortly after. After that, their dates quickly turned into days of doing arts and crafts. 

“Much to Kieran’s dismay our wedding was heavily DIY. You name it, we made it. Our invites, programs, signs, flower arrangements, our flower girl cart, our dance floor, the rose wall photo backdrop…” These two even scoured the entire country for vintage 1950s Sebel metal chairs which they sanded and repainted. 

The couple’s aim was to create a rustic, country wedding with a good dose of modern charm, which lead them to choosing Tocal Homestead, a historic 1820s colonial farmhouse in the heart of the Hunter Valley, to celebrate their nuptials. Pauline and Kieran were married by Kerryn Tippet from Wed by Kez under a gorgeous old Moreton Bay fig tree and kicked on later in a delightful wooden barn that overlooked the rolling countryside.

For all the beauty of the day, it was the sentimental moments that soon stood out. “One of the hardest things that I faced was the realisation that I was about to live out one of the biggest days of my life, without one of the biggest loves of my life”, says Pauline, who’s father Pete passed away only five years earlier. “It was important for me to embrace his love and memory in a positive way, so we named the bar area at the reception ‘Pete’s Bar’. and the motto all night was ‘the drinks are on Pete!’”

The following day in post-wedding bliss they found themselves laughing at any pre-wedding worries they had in the lead up to their day of days. “We quickly realised that nobody even noticed or gave a damn about the little details we tossed and turned about, and in the end, neither did we.”