6 Reasons Why I Should Be The Digital/Social Media Manager for Collective Hub


I would like to express my great interest in joining the Collective Hub team, in the position of Digital/Social Media Manager. I strongly believe that this publication is a very exciting and important portal, covering topics which I am deeply passionate about. With this in mind, I am eagerly applying for this role, hoping to contribute my skills, creativity and personal attributes, in order to help empower the Collective Hub community.

Here are just some of the reasons why I believe I am the perfect candidate.

#1 I have 5+ years experience in an editorial position

I hold over five years of experience within the online content and editorial field, with my most recent role as the Home & Lifestyle Editorial Producer for Fairfax Media as part of the Domain team, a full-time position I held for over two years. Within this role, I was appointed to write articles on a daily basis, covering the lifestyle, home trends, travel, and wellbeing themes. My articles have always performed well, being shared widely on social media, as well as often being featured on the mastheads of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, with some obtaining engagement well beyond their publication date, reaching 500,000+ individual page views.

#2 I have a strong creative flair

Within my role at Domain, I particularly excelled at sourcing engaging imagery to support and enhance an article's visual appeal. This strength was noticed by my senior management who then tasked me with revamping, managing, and growing Domain's Pinterest account. With the success of this, I was then later given the same responsibility for the company's Instagram account, which during my management, grew from 50k to 118k followers. After resigning from my full-time position in April last year, in order to travel for an extended period, Domain wished to retain me on a freelance basis to continue managing these accounts during my travels.

#3 I am a strong administrator

Throughout my career, the roles I have held have always been varied, requiring juggling many daily and weekly tasks, all of which are sensitive to a deadline. I have always prided myself on my ability to organise, prioritise and adapt to change. I am a big believer in backing my creative skills with a strong administrative can-do attitude, and I am proud to say my body of work represents that.

#4 I have experience working alongside varying internal and external stakeholders

Communicating with different aspects of a business has become second nature to me. I have sat in weekly meetings with both editorial and social media teams, helping plan upcoming content calendars and collaborating in brainstorming sessions. I have helped manage a team of freelance contributors, building strong creative relationships and producing submitted works. I have worked directly with Domain's Content & Brand Partnerships team, assisting with client briefs and commissioning editorial work for upcoming campaigns.

#5 I have grown my own significant social media profile

Over the years, I have gained a great understanding as to what is deemed engaging content via social media. With this, I have grown my own Instagram account, with over 27k followers, consisting mainly of women, as I have created content with a focus on lifestyle, travel, and wellbeing. Thanks to this platform, I have been afforded the ability to stay connected to like-minded women, sharing content which I hope to inspire others with.

#6 I'm ready for a BIG challenge

Earlier this year, I decided to step away from my role with Domain to fulfil my last big travelling adventure in my 20s, as well as to step back and hone in on exactly the type of role I wished to excel at in the long run. I have since returned home to Sydney in the new year and I am roaring to take on the next step in my career. I strongly believe I can step in to this role, get to know it inside out and really make it my own. In the meantime, as I have all my fingers and toes crossed, I welcome you to visit my personal website, some of my published works, as well as my social media handles.

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