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Photography of property: $765 + travel costs (@ 9hrs)

Web design: $2380 (@ 28hrs)

Welcome booklet: $425 (@ 5hrs)

Social Media initial management: $1105 ( @ 13hrs)

= $4,675

  • Photography of property. Marnie Hawson showed me everything I know about taking a great photo, and now I’ll show you what I know. Both in your big camera and on your phone.

    • $850 + travel costs (@ 10hrs)

  • Web design. You need a beautiful one, I'll give you everything you need to do it yourself, and we will do yours in the workshop, for less than $100 bucks a year. Telling your house story. This is the brand and story of your home. The idea. Sounds boring, but it really is the most important part. I'll help you create your unique story, and tell it like no one else. 

    • $2720 (@ 32hrs)

  • Welcome booklet. Would provide essential information on staying at Hayes House, places to go etc.

    • $680 (@ 8hrs)

  • Social Media initial management. This is important and you need to be on it.

    • $1275 ( @ 15hrs)



Press & publication. (creating press releases and pitches to put forward to home related websites and magazines) How to get your home published in a magazine and in various press. How to work with editors and content managers. 

  • $400

The practicalities & management. Everything you need to know and do, including all my templates and manuals that you can use and copy for your home. I know people whose home is a full time job for for them, but I'm surprised if I spend more than 10 minutes a week. 

Web Design Package +
E-commerce Feature

Price: $1,800

This package includes a full web design with an e-commerce platform. My goal is to understand your dream end result for your desired online store, and create for you a fully integrated e-commerce website with all the trimmings.

Web Design Package

Price: $1,200

This package includes a full web design. My goal is to absorb all of your ideas, dreams, and hopes for your brand, followed by designing you an online space that reflects this.

Online Portfolio Design Package

Price: $800

This package includes a full online portfolio design. My goal is to create you an online space in which your body of work can be displayed tastefully on a platform that can help increase your exposure and attract further creative opportunities.

Blog Design Package

Price: $500

This package includes a full blog design. My goal is to let your creative body of work speak for itself. Whether you want to revamp your current blog, or start from scratch; your stories are worth telling and I’m here to help you serve it up on a beautiful, interactive, online platter.

Wedding Website Package

Price: $500

This package includes a full wedding website design. My goal is to create a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly wedding website that will be a joy for your friends and family to visit. Featuring an ability to collect mailing addresses and RSVPs, as well as a space for you to post photos, create a custom registry, and share important information with ease.

Copy + Content

Price on request

If words aren’t your thing then allow me to type them for you. From website copy, featured articles and blog posts, all the way to product descriptions; my goal is to compliment your personal brand and create written words in a personable, professional manner for your unique target market.

- Website copywriting
- Product descriptions
- Article writing
- Blog posts

Creative Entrees

Price on request

It’s the little things that count; this too applies to the online world. Whether it’s a logo design, social media necessities, or email campaign setup and distribution; my goal is to make a big impact with each cherry on top.

- Social media banner
- Social media icons
- Social media strategy
- Logo design
- EDM/email campaign setup
- EDM/email campaign regular distribution
- Catalogue creation
- Lookbook creation
- Media kit creation