A day trip to Coney Island

When the city gives you a taste of summer, sometimes you just need to head out on an adventure — and what could be more nostalgic of summer days than a day at Coney Island

Located in Brooklyn, it's made up of many different layers; the ocean, the sand, the boardwalk and the amusement park. The history of Coney Island, like the rides themselves, is extremely colourful; it pioneered thrill rides by welcoming the first ever roller coaster to America and is also famous for introducing the national treasure we've come to know as the "hot dog".

Eager to visit, we took the F-train and headed 50-minutes outside Manhattan to where the joy of ride-goers echoes and the scent of buttered popcorn mixes with the salty sea.

We'd spent an entire day going on rides, gorging on sugary snacks and walking along the boardwalk overlooking the beach. Once the sun had began to set, we made our way home bone-tired, and although it was clear that our days of endless energy were far behind us, we still left feeling quite young at heart.