California: Anaheim Disneyland

Inside of our RV.

Inside of our RV.

For so long there it felt like all I did was wait. I remember sitting on my desk at work staring at the calendar on my computer screen and ticking of another nights sleeps of my countdown to freedom. Anticipating the day that I could feel young and free.

Our motorhome is now our small dwelling. It is full of charming things. The dashboard holds roadmaps, two drink holders that are often occupied by a caffeine or a sugar substance to keep us wide awake on the road during our travels and of course the tulip plant that Kieran gave to me which springs open tall and bright to greet us each morning. We sleep every night to the rear of the van where we have hung the floral bunting from the roof that our good friend Daniel made us for our engagement party. There is a wide window next to where we lay which grants us to look up at the clear blue skies as we awake and the shiny bright stars before we fall asleep. 

We have a dining table occupied by a glass full of fresh flowers I pick from each stop. We eat on this table when it is too cold or too windy outside. It is also used for mapping out where we are heading next and playing drinking games. My favourite place however is on the roof of our van, climbing trees when I was young has equipped me well to climb the ladder to the roof with ease. Being up there is when I realise the most, just how far away from home I am. 

The first night we climbed the roof was the night before we visited Disneyland. I was cooking dinner inside the van and heard some fireworks outside. I quickly realised that it was the nightly fireworks coming from Disneyland as I rushed to climb to the roof for the first time I got to watch it from high up. I thought about how excited I was to be there when the morning came. It felt like the night before Christmas when I was young. I was so excited I could barely sleep. 

We waited for a bus to take us to Disneyland that morning, our friendly bus driver told us that it was open till midnight so from 9am till then I was granted a pass to the wonderland. It was like Cinderella being granted her dream to attend the ball — but only till midnight. I walked around with a grin on my face and happiness in my heart. I recall looking to Kieran and telling him 'This is the best day of my life!' And I meant every word of it.