Getting to know Merida, Mexico

After a week spent along Tulum's bright-white beaches, it was time for an alternative proposition, and so we made our way to Mérida — the capital of Yucatán boasting with Mexico's cultural highlights.

The long drive made us tired and weary, but we were quickly awoken by this colourful town that would come to greet us. There were endless rows of pastel coloured streets lined with 19th century houses, some restored, some decayed, whichever way, they were all especially charming.

First we headed to the place where we would call home over the next few nights ahead, an Airbnb listing I've been ogling at for some time called Maison Azul. To say that this 100 year old casita was breathtakingly beautiful would still not be doing it justice. Every detail in this house was overly romantic; from the central concrete pool, to the running fountains within the gardens, down to the stone arched walls overgrown with bougainvilleas. Located right in the historic center, starting and ending our day within this oasis was a damn treat.

After settling in, we set out to have days like that of an authentic local lifestyle. We strolled along the ever so vibrant streets, we stopped for lunch within all the main plazas, and we went inside some of the city's most historic buildings. We were even lucky enough to be there on a Monday night, as this is the night when the locals would gather together in the main square of Plaza Grande for the weekly 'Vaquéria' ballet.

When it was time to pack, it felt utterly bittersweet; I was excited for our next stop, Mexico City, but I was also truly sad to leave the magic that is Mérida behind me.