Inside the home of Frida Kahlo

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt about visiting the home of Frida Kahlo; the pre-eminent Mexican painter who I've held very close to my heart since studying her works in high-school, to later learning more about the strong and eccentric woman she was in the years that would follow. Visiting this captivating place was the sole reason for this particular pilgrimage to Mexico City, our final pitstop for Mexico. 

Located within the neighbourhood of Coyacan, Kahlo's previous home, studio and garden is now the Museo Frida Kahlo, also lovingly known as 'The Blue House'. We purposely situated ourselves only two blocks away and made our way over by foot. As we approached closer, the exterior of the bright blue walls intoxicated me, and before I knew it, there I was inside.

First, there was the garden. Waking around here felt like a completely private world. You can see that the serenity of this space was an important aspect of her life — being a calming influence when actually her work was born of pain — physical and emotional pain.

It's obvious that Kahlo treasured plants, reflected by the variety of desert-friendly and tropical plants bursting at the seams. Also a focal point of the garden is a tiered pyramid painted in bright colours, built to showcase Kahlo's husband, Diego Rivera’s collection of sculptures and other decorative objects.

It wasn’t until I climbed up the staircase to Frida’s home and studio, that I got hit with wallop of emotion.

Her studio consisted of shelves holding stacks of books that she had collected in one corner, and there was her wheelchair in-front of her easel and tables full of her art supplies in the other. Inside her bedroom was her bed with a mirror on top of it which her father placed there so that she could continue to paint self-portraits although bed-bound after her trolley accident.

Once many hours had passed, I left beaming and feeling utterly inspired. What a joy it is when something lives up to all of those years you spent daydreaming about such a place.